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The Story of 3 Witches

Once, long ago, there lived 3 witches in the town of Witchville.  Their names were Gruel, Betsy, and Tartella.  Upon finding out that there is another world, a modern world full of people who don't use magic, they do what only a witch can do: they cook up a spell that will teleport them to the new witch-less world, only temporarily, so that they may find out what a world without magic is like, and to bring back one of the non-magic people for this year's witchcraft and wizardry contest.

The spell goes awry, teleporting them, along with their rival, Sabel Screechley, to the modernized Richville.  It also teleports three rich women, named Sally, Jane, and Frances, to Witchville in their place.  The 3 Witches find they can't get back, having dropped the brain of the lamented ox before entering the portal. This is when they realize they will have to learn to live in a city full of modern things, and strange people.  Along the way, they meet new people and make new enemies (and some friends)!

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