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Sign up on the 3 Witches community forums today. It has been updated with new Legends and 3 Witches avatars, and there is now an option to add your own!

"Stupor Models" Begins Now!

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - Gruel sees an ad for a supermodel contest at a local supermarket. Gruel says it's a waste of time; that is, until Sabel Screechley challenges her to compete. Betsy, Tartella, and Gruel enter the contest to find out just who is the prettiest of them all! Don't miss this one, go here to read page 1 of the new story!

Don't Mess With the Witches

    Sunday, March 28, 2010 - A new page is now online. The art process of 3 Witches has sped up tremendously since I bought my new Cintiq tablet. It works wonders for my productivity! Now maybe I'll get a few things done in the new story, and maybe have a new ebook out by the end of the millennium. :) Speaking of comic ebooks, go now and buy 3 Witches #1 in the comic ebook store!.

    So, check out the new page, because the girlz are in all kinds of trouble with Frockless, King Rottbottom's chancellor, and a new character, the Resident Evil Witch!

Download Your 3 Witches Comic ebook for Free

    Thursday, February 25, 2010 - The final touches are being done on the first issue of 3 Witches. Soon, it will be available on Comic Domination in the eComics Section. So far, there aren't many ebooks available, but you can go there now to Download 3 Witches Preview Comic Ebooks for Free. The full issue will be available in full-mystifying-magical-color soon. Just hold onto your witching wands, because it might be sooner than ya think! But first, there's just a little more work to do. Witches Away!

eComics Madness!! woo!

    Saturday, January 16, 2010 - Now that eComics are in effect on Comic Domination, I'm going to be rolling out some new comics, 3 Witches style! So, in between doing work on the Comic Domination site, I'll be working on getting together some 3 Witches and Legends comic ebooks.

    I want to promote my creations and share them with anyone interested in reading them, but I also want to make the eComics versions special in some way. So, the online comics will be in black and white, while the eComics versions will be all-out illustrious full color insanity!

    If you want to check out the eComics preview, I have posted a full-color ebook in the eComics section. (for those who don't know, you can do this for your own comics in your control panel under the "ecomics" link, and for price, put 0.00, or "free". The system also creates a short preview ecomic automatically when you post a full-sized eComic.)

    I would also like to encourage other comics creators to step in and support the website by creating your own eComics in the comic ebooks shop and share it with your friends. The site is picking up some visitors as time goes on, but it is still a fledgling site, so tell your friends about it if you get a chance.

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